ITSalesLeads.Com (ITSL)

is a privately-owned company established in 2004, specializing in appointment setting, lead generation, lead nurturing, and telemarketing business list building for IT products and services providers. . Our telemarketing lead generation strategy is built on a time-tested business model which is clearly differentiated and economically attractive. Our customers get sales leads that are relevant to their marketing campaign and nothing else.


Lead Generation
Appointment Setting

ITSalesLeads.Com (ITSL) provides a broad range of integrated IT lead generation and appointment setting services to drive revenue growth and sales opportunities for telemarketing-based IT companies. Our extensive experience in the IT industry enables us to effectively identify and segment the most productive markets for vendors of IT products and services.


Lead Nurturing

While you may know perfectly how to handle hot sales leads that immediately convert to revenue, you could not care less about those cold ones who may be “window shopping” for future purchase. A vast majority of people who visit a website, sign up for a newsletter, or become leads through any other channels are not yet ready to buy.


Market Lists for

Even though there are a lot of good business data providers servicing IT companies, most of them require their customers to purchase packaged lists of thousands, even tens of thousands of business contacts just to meet their minimum order quantities. A good fraction of the time, those lists are nothing more than rolls of business information...